International Carbon Markets Institute Incubator


About International Carbon Markets Institute Incubator

Each month we promote our Free Rapid Launch ICMI-NETZERO Incubator to 1000s of c-suite executives who have a keen interest in reducing their organization’s carbon footprint and becoming a more environmentally sustainable company. This unique accelerated learning program offers video training, podcasts, reports, step-by-step rapid launch manuals, and other free material for companies of any size to utilize to introduce meaningful sustainability programs at their organization.

The ICMI-NETZERO Incubator and Rapid-Launch Startup Weekend have been designed to maximize outreach, optimize commercial engagement, and expedite the path to net zero and sustainability best practices. The pace of concept introduction and solutions application is methodically throttled to ease into the existing architecture of each commercial organization so that long-lasting impact can be realized. The goal of all ICMI’s commercial sector educational programs is to build net zero and environmental sustainability best practices into the DNA of each organization’s existing architecture so that a new pattern of social and environmental responsibility can be introduced and entwined within each organization’s corporate culture.

The ICMI Incubator

The ICMI Incubator is designed for accelerated and large-scale outreach to a diversified commercial audience. The goal is to utilize an accelerated education format that identifies problem areas and offers quick and achievable wins for organizations new to carbon reduction and sustainability best practices. Our network of members is there to support and guide each company with a robust arsenal of expertise. We support enrolled organizations with regular events, networking receptions, working groups, and other strategies that help them continue their journey to net zero. The ICMI Startup Weekend offers a condensed version of the incubator in both live and virtual settings.
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