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About The International Carbon Markets Institute

The International Carbon Markets Institute is a Washington, D.C.-based think tank formed out of the Embassy Row Project’s, NETZERO Incubator & Accelerator and ENVIROTECH Pre-Accelerator. We provide a conduit for collaboration between international environmental commodities platforms, carbon offset projects, and public-private sector stakeholders in the commercial and trade space. ICMI provides outreach programs, networking events, project support, and trade missions throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and the United States.

Our initiatives support the development of carbon markets through intergovernmental, nongovernmental, commercial, trade association, academic, and legislative collaborations without partisan leanings or bias. Through the support of an international network of government stakeholders, the institute provides strategic and direct carbon reduction-focused educational outreach to a diversified base.

The goal of the International Carbon Markets Institute is to utilize offsets as an introductory gateway for commercial sector organizations to launch multivector environmental sustainability programs with social impact while accelerating their path to net zero. We work with other Embassy Row Project-supported NGOs in the carbon reduction and clean energy technology space.

The International Carbon Markets Institute actively supports the EMANCIP8 Project, an Embassy Row Project initiative that offers environmental, sustainability-focused education and career access to women from disenfranchised communities in developing nations.

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